School of Communication Engineering was originated from the engineering college founded in 1935, whose dean was Prof. Feng Jian, a famous radio expert and the founder of radio subject of Chongqing Unviersity. In 1940, telecommunication group was set up from the electrical engineering department, in which Prof. Liu Yilun served as the head, a famous telecommunication expert. The electrical enigneering department was renamed the telecommunication department in 1953 and Prof. Jiang Zejia acted as the head.
       In 1955, the telecommunication department of Chongqing University and the radio department of Tianjin University were merged into Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Radio department was orgazied in Chongqing University in 1959. In 1992, the radio department was renamed the electronic engineering department, merged with the computer science department and the automation department, forming ...
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